Dormant on the web, but active with the camera

Its been a while since I wrote a blog post or uploaded pictures on flickr. I have been really busy. Ironically Photography has kept me busy. I've been working thru the week & shooting thru the weekend. And sometimes in the mornings before I leave for work.

With quite a few projects in the pipeline, I'm barely having anytime for myself - But then, I'm enjoying this. I want the D300 badly & only if I do so much work can I earn it. So that's another update from my side - the D300. If you have any tips on where to buy please let me know.

Another personal project I have in the pipeline is shooting roadside temples/idols around neighborhoods that have *big* temples of historical importance. More updates on this in my next post.

Ok. I'm getting late for work. Catch you soon. Here's a pretty recent picture from my "temples" project.

Entertaing the Gods...