7th Chennai PhotoWalk

CG came up with this wonderful idea of roaming the streets of Chennai once a month with a camera in hand. I was out of Chennai for the first 6 walks. I joined CG & his folks for the 7th walk. The plan was to meet at the Kapaleeshwarar Temple Tank in Mylapore at 6am and proceed towards Santhome church. The turn out was amazing we had over 25 ppl. I swear I didnt expect so many :)

I was really glad that the first photowalk I was part followed a route very close to my heart. I love photographing around the Mylapore tank & the Santhome Church is one place where I wanted to do a lot of photography. I didnt get many pictures this time, but have spotted some nice locations which I will be revisiting over the next month to shoot.

I reached Mylapore tank by 5:45 am on Sunday & the sunrise was just brilliant.

7th Chennai Photowalk

Here are a few pictures from Mylapore. This post will be updated with pictures as and when I process & upload them into flickr. Please keep checking once a day. This link will let you view all photos from the photo walk.

Amman - Mylapore

Kapaleeshwarar Temple Agraharam


Senthil Mess - Mylapore

Kapaleeshwarar Temple - Mylapore

Kapaleeshwarar Temple - Mylapore

Anbe Sivam