A new begining for ramaranai

All my pictures from the sathyamangalam forest division are thanks to this hamlet (Ramaranai) and the Indo American Wildlife Society. Ramar Anai is a small enclosed tribal settlement, which is located in the Bhavani Sagar forest range of Sathyamangalam forest division, which lies between 11°.595228 N. and 77°.04235 E. Tribals who are living here belong to “Kurumba” community, their settlement covers an area of 38 acres in which 13 families live.

The Indo American Wildlife Society (www.iaws.in) is a non profit organisation that aims at conserving biodiversity.( IAWS strongly believes by helping the tribal and improving their standard of life will automatically lead to conserving and saving wildlife since they are the primary party who is concerned on the Eco system of the forest. Further by providing the education and alternative livelihood would get the awareness of the nature and wild life and this will positively help them to conserve the biodiversity both direct and indirect ways.

The construction of houses for the 13 familes in ramanai was started on Sunday (21st sept). This is a big step in terms of luxury for the villagers and an even bigger step for IAWS in terms of saving the forests. What you see in the below picture is the "Bhoomi Puja"

If you think you can support IAWS in saving the forests & wildlife, we are more than happy. Check out our website for more details.

Let your children not learn about Tigers & Elephants the way you did about Dinosaurs. Save forests & wildlife.

A new beginning for Ramaranai Tribal settlement