2010 Jallikattu - Palamedu & Alanganallur

Most photographers (freelancers and press) come to the jallikattu hoping to get "action" shots. They mostly want pictures of bulls throwing the players up or stabbing them with their horns. A lot of people don't realise there's a *lot* more to jallikattu than just bulls throwing people up...A few interesting (and out of the usual) pictures from this year's jallikattu in Palamedu & Alanganallur. Hope you enjoy them & let me know your thoughts and comments :)

As I upload more pictures, they will be added to this post itself. So please keep coming back to view more (they wont show up in RSS readers).

Lineup at Palamedu

The Good Luck Charm

Palamedil parisu mazhai pozhigirathu Pazhanganatham Kalai

Vaadi Vasal Vadi Vasal

at the Vaadi Vasal The Trail

Unfair Contestants

If you face you are predator, if you turn away you are prey Everyone likes to watch

The blindfolded run Agitate the bull

Palamedu Jallikattu Alanganallur Jallikattu The champ

A dozen hands trying to stop it but The blur

The blur No match for the bull